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Particle SetUp

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Particle SetUp Empty Particle SetUp

Post  Admin Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:42 pm

Select your particles (nParticles or old-school particles) and click the buttons. Particle Setup will create a bunch of attributes and hook them up to scripts.

Particle SetUp Screen_shot_2011-10-25_at_12.04.43


The interface will recover any previously set values, just select the particle transform before opening the interface.
All changes are live, just keep your particles selected, generally there will be no need to edit the scripts, just move the sliders or edit the 'Extra Attributes' Particle Setup creates on the particleShape node.
Attributes are animatable.
idPP: random id for particle instances.
radiusPP: random (or not) scale for particles. Weighting will make more small particles then large (using a gaus function). It's good for dust, sand, soil and things such as that. When this option is enabled Radius Max will control the standard deviation.
GoalUV: sets up random goalUVs for when using goals.
Random Rotation: Adds random creation rotation for particles and, if needed, drifting rotation for animation (independent XYZ controls).
Start Frame: Random start frame, useful when using model sequences as instances.
And a couple of toys which you may or may not find useful:
Secondary Noise: Cool noise (dNoise) for particles. It effectively organises the particles into 3d currents, but can also be used for swarming effects.
Manual Goaling: Just for fun, staggered goaling, set up manually for full control, be warned, it's slow!
Manual goaling will require your scripting know-how to create more then one goal.

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