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Clever Keys 1.0.5 Free Maya Animation Plugin

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Clever Keys 1.0.5 Free Maya Animation Plugin

Post  santhosh on Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:42 pm

Download Clever Keys 1.0.5 Free Maya Animation Plugin

How to use

1. Unzip the python files and put them in your Maya scripts directory.

2. Add the following line to your userSetup.mel.
python("import cleverKeys");
You may have to make a userSetup.mel if you haven't set one up before.
It should go in your Scripts directory. Anything written in this mel file
will run when Maya starts up.

3. Set clever keys to your desired hotkey in Maya. If you don't know
how to set a hotkey in Maya, the documentation is an exellent place to
learn [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The following commands are avaliable to you.

Please note that while Clever Keys is a python script, all of the
following commands are MEL commands. So be sure to make mel hotkeys!

The main one, setting a key. I suggest setting this to your default
setKey hotkey, "s". It might also be a good idea to set Maya's original
hotkey to something like Shift + "s". I've tried to make this script as
bug free and stable as possible. But if something does go wrong at some
point and you do need to set a normal key again, it's nice to have the
fallback already set up.


If you don't want clever keys to try to insert keys, you can use this
command instead:

python("cleverKeys.setKey(insert = False)");

In Maya 2011 and later it is very easy to clear a channel selection.
You just have to click away from the channel. Before 2010 things were
a little trickier. To help with this, I've added the clear command,
which will clear your selection.


That command works the same way that Clever Keys does. It clears
whatever is under your mouse. If you want to just clear a specific
window, you can use either of these:

python("cleverKeys.clearAttributes(graphEditor = True)");
python("cleverKeys.clearAttributes(channelBox = True)");

Or to clear them both:

python("cleverKeys.clearAttributes(graphEditor = True, channelBox = True)");

Select similar attributes. If your mouse is over the graph editor, this
will take any attribute you have selected and select that attribute on all
of the nodes in your graph editor. If your mouse is not over the graph
editor, this will sync the channels you have selected in the channel box
to the ones in the graph editor.


To explicitly select similar attributes in the Graph Editor without
detecting where your mouse is, use:

python("cleverKeys.selectSimilarAttributes(detectCursor = False)");

To explicitly sync the Channel Box to the Graph editor, use the following
command. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Maya doesn't offer me enough
control to write a command that syncs the channel selection the other way.



[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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